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Gender MALE
Location Illinois, United States
Introduction Let's see, I use this space to express myself. This is also used to entertain myself. Hope you find something you like here. Do svidanya.
Interests Music, Movies, Books, PC Gaming, Wii, Nintendo, Writing, Relaxing, and much more.
Favorite Movies Too many to name.
Favorite Music Techno, Metal, Folk Metal, House, Drum and Bass, Pirate Rock, Pirate Rap, Steampunk, and much more.
Favorite Books Magic: the Gathering Novels, Harry Potter Novels, everything else sci-fi or fantasy.

Why does the taste of pennies remind you of losing a tooth?

I believe it is the copper taste. Surprisingly taste like blood.........which I have never drank, I'm just guessing on this one, haha ha ha....*poof*