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Industry Arts
Occupation Student
Location Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Introduction I am a Mom with two great Kids, I have been blogging as Suzie Sews for a few years now, writing about my creative life, sharing my life style and of course writing about life as a Mom. My life was happy, easy and I felt blessed. BAM!!! Out of the blue my life was turned upside down. I am facing the challenges and accepting the changes. So here I am still dyslexic, still Mothering, taking pictures, sewing and trying hard to be a Domestic Goddess whilst making a living. Holding it all together and wearing many hats and keeping all the juggling balls up in the air at the same time...
Interests Mothering, Sewing, Knitting, Paper arts and photography.
Favorite Movies Endless, I love watching movies, usually with some sewing or knitting in front of me. Favourite movie changes from month to month, but not keen on horror, there is enough of it in the world without bringing it in to my living room!
Favorite Music James Blunt, Tom Petty, Joe Jackson, Jamiroquai, Depeche Mode, Razorlight, The Doors, Coldplay. A mixed bag really. Pop, Rock, Classical it all depends on what mood I am in.
Favorite Books Again a huge range depending on what mood I am in from classics to light hearted romantic 'Woman does well for herself' type. Since having the children books are quite a luxury and my brain is not as active as it once was, hense the light fluffy happy books of late.