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Gender MALE
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Disabled/retired
Location Aldebaran
Introduction I'm disabled, not, 'differently-abled', but disabled, therefore retired. Was: A grunt, a newsie, a Fireman and an EMT. Married. Been a million places from London to Laos. Burning tenements in the Bronx to the Press Room of the White House to rice paddies in SE Asia. Boardroom to bedroom, BTDT, and along the way, have met some of the most wonderful folks on Earth. Some of the worst, too.
Interests Firefighting, Medicine, History, BBW-Centric Lifestyle, Science, Politics/Socialism.
Favorite Movies Blade Runner, Apocalypse now!, What's Up, Doc?
Favorite Music Blues, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Doors
Favorite Books Steal This Book, This Perfect Day

What's the most amount of sand you've ever had in your swimming trunks?

Who wears trunks when they swim? But I washed almost half a pound of sand off me in Malibu, one day in '89 :)