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Location Chakryn Forest, Second Life
Introduction Bettina is the name of Beverly Millson's avatar. I founded the working group "Not Possible IRL," on July 4, 2007: 1) To identify, showcase and promote quality content creation (art, architecture, fashion, landscaping) in virtual worlds that would not be possible in Real Life; 2) To seek and disseminate knowledge that empowers content creators; and 3) To advocate for better recognition and protection of the rights of content creators in virtual environments. In October 2007, I founded a second group, "Impossible IRL," in order to share NPIRL's findings with a wider audience, but ImpIRLers have increasingly become both a source for information and inspiration. NPIRL's membership is closed at 175 members ("Dunbar's Number," slightly stretched), and Impossible IRL has 2,700 members (in-world and web-based groups combined). Bettina rezzed in Second Life on January 26, 2007.