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Introduction I learned through trial-error that success & happiness come from inside. It has nothing to do with prestige, money, affiliation, career, etc. I produced a television show back in the 90's. It educated, inspired, entertained & challenged the community’s perspective on sexuality. "Safety Girl". (About me is continued below in movies, music and books)
Interests Burlesque, Controversy, Flappers, Kittens, the Supersymmetric Flipped SU5 Grand Unified Field Theory
Favorite Movies The beauty of the show for me was having a volunteer crew who donated their time weekly for years to put "Safety Girl" on the air. No one made any money, but we made a huge impact in our community & life-long friends.
Favorite Music While in a D.V. shelter with baby, living out of my car & friends homes-going through an emotionally draining divorce, I found out who my real friends were. My loyal cameraman from the Safety Girl days- wedding singer by day- sang at both of my weddings and strictly my platonic friend for over a decade, I’m happy to report we are "Newly Weds" and although we struggle, live low-income, day to day- we consider our lives together as living in abundance.
Favorite Books 2 divorces under my belt, and raising my 21 year old son and 3 year old princess I am right back where I started. This time I am less ego and living more in the present than ever before. I'm not sure how long I will be doing "YpsiGirl"- all I know for sure is that I love what I am doing, and consider it my employment even though I do not make any money from it. Every episode I produce is something that interests me and I consider it an assignment from the universe. It took a long time for me to discover that as long as I do what I am passionate about, be of service to others, that somehow the universe will care for me. So far this is exactly what is happening. More news about Tanya, YpsiGirl and Safety Girl is on ArborWiki