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Gender Female
Location Norway
Introduction So this is me. At least some parts of me. I am not a good writer, and don`t know if Im qualifed for blogging. But heck yeah its fun! And this is your chance (one of many) too discover me XD
Favorite Movies "The perfume" is one of the best movies ever! Its freaky, beautiful and horrible, all at the same time.
Favorite Music I love music. I loooove music. I have just been on a concert with Ellen Miles and it inspired me so much that I bought two of her new CD, Ipod nano and damn good earplugs!
Favorite Books Once, I wrote a job application to a book store and this is what it said: I love books, all kind of books. They bring you to this new world, a different place.. I want to show all people this world! I never handed in the application (luckily), but I do mean it :) Another world