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Introduction Originally from Kentucky, I spent most of my life in the hills of German-American, Roman Catholic southern Indiana just across the Ohio River. I started learning to cook as a child at my mother's and grandmothers' knees, and because I love good food, I've been cooking ever since. In the 80s, I was a chef at several pinkie-up restaurants in Louisville, but I despised everything about restaurant work, so I ended that. Still, I learned a great deal during my tenure as a chef that I would likely have never learned, so I don't see it as a waste. I'm a gourmand. I love good food, whatever it may be. I find food snobs intolerable on a bad day, and laughable on a good day. I do everything from ham and beans and cornbread to puff pastry. I have no use for fake food, like "soy milk," or "fat-free cheese." Sorry, but if you for some reason cannot or will not eat cheese, then don't eat it. We don't need to create some kind of nasty fake food so you can think you're eating it. I'll put most of my recipes on my Group Recipes account, and reserve this for basics, tips, and things like that. Gut appetit!