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Gender Male
Occupation My claim to fame: Leading a team of engineers in designing the signalling solution for Makkah Metro. A train linking Mina, Muzdalifa and Arafat for the Hujjaj.
Location Toronto, Canada
Introduction The contributions of the Islamic civilization are vast and I'm amazed at how little people are aware of this. I once heard a hypothetical question posed “How different would the world of today be if Islam never existed?” Many answered there would be peace, there would be no terrorism or no extremism. As if that is the only contribution Muslims ever made. My answer: "The modern world would not exist as it does today. The world would still be stuck in the dark ages." I blog about Islamic history from its birth in the 6th century right up to the end of the 19th century. To be sure you don't miss my new posts, subscribe via email. Just sign up above where it says "Follow by Email". You can contact me at
Favorite Books Read my Islamic history book reviews on Amazon I'm looking for the following books by Pakistani General and author AI Akram: 1 - The Muslim Conquest of Egypt and North Africa 2- The Muslim Conquest of Spain 3 - The Rise of Cordoba 4 - The Falcon of the Quraish. The publisher is Ferozsons. If you know where I can find these books, send me an email.