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Introduction Hi, I'm Sonia, 30-year-old entrepreneur and writer from the coastal city of Vizag, India. I want to tell you this: I was just like the most of you - lazy, compulsive foodie and too busy for exercise. Obese for the last decade, this blog is about how I woke up my sleepy-self to a fitter and healthier lifestyle. I finally started losing excess weight, by coordinating diet changes with regular exercise since January 2016, with the help of a certified dietitian. The result was over 7 kgs of weight loss - from 68 kgs when I started the regime, to 62 kgs now, with 7 more kgs to lose to hit the 20% body fat mark. Having brought myself to a normal BMI index finally, I believe that weight loss depends on your lifestyle choices - eating right and exercising regularly - in a way that does not make them boring and difficult. Losing unwanted flab and being fit can be easy and enjoyable too, if approached the right way! Eat sensibly and sweat regularly to sway those extra kilos off your body! If I could do it, you can too!