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Gender MALE
Industry Accounting
Occupation Vaguely Military
Location The Polymath Eyrie, Steelhead Port Harbor
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Introduction An Irish would-be gentleman of indeterminate age, of a somewhat miltary bearing (although.. whether it comes from Sandhurst or a former 'marriage to Brown Bess', nobody really knows.. the details remain elusive). What is known or alluded to is a youth spent in a monastery, apparently packed away by a furious relative. It is clear that he visited China and Africa at some point in the dim past. His many cousins have been sighted all over Second Life, so another source of corroboration is out there. He seems to love Surrealistic imagery, judging from his decor, and he is given to babbling odd bits of knowledge from time to time, perhaps revealing that some of his time amongst the Dominicans was not for nought. Now firmly ensconced upon the crag that is called POLYMATH EYRIE, in Port Harbor, Steelhead, Second Life-- a cold drafty, leaky cottage that is, nonetheless, his own. O'Toole recently changed appearance drastically, changing more in line with his RL "other person". Older stories that have not finished will still feature the blonde, bearded version derived from the freebie shape and skin he found in Yadni's Junkyard.
Interests Fencing, Horsemanship, Whiskey, Women, Stout, Dancing, Cards, Flying Machines, Bicycles, Ordination machines, Morrocco, Araby, History. Favorite SIMS: Caledon (duh), Steelhead City, Tombstone, Roma, Babbage. Hats of for Mystery Isle, now sadly defunct.
Favorite Movies Ben Hur, 300, The Wind and the Lion, The Man Who Would be King, Zulu, Zulu Dawn, Gladiator
Favorite Music A wide and eclectic taste.
Favorite Books The latest one he is reading.

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