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Introduction Twenty-nine years of studying right whales and counting! It all started in 1986 when I answered a job announcement that took me to the Center for Coastal Studies on Cape Cod. Since then I have studied mostly right whales in the western North Atlantic, but also have participated in some humpback studies in the Caribbean, off Greenland, and in Antarctica. I seem to have an aptitude and a memory that allows me to know many of the individuals on sight. I started working for the New England Aquarium in 1988 where my primary focus has been to manage the North Atlantic Right Whale Catalog (\rwcatalog). One of the most compelling aspects of the work for me is the unusual mix of detailed knowledge about many of the animals combined with the large number of mysteries that remain. Exactly how does their mating system work and where do they conceive their young? When a whale goes undetected for 10 or 15 years, where do they go? Why? With whom? Any trip out on the boat or any identification I make in our database might provide an important missing clue. This work is like being a detective with a great deal of patience!