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Industry Arts
Occupation Nutritional Herbologist
Location Naches, Washington, United States
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Introduction Thus far, I've happily respected and honored differing beliefs, as much as I honor and respect my own. I do not claim a particular denomination of any particular religious sect. I believe what works for me, personally - as I've studied religious philosophy since I was 14 years old, participating and/or attending in many cultural, religious, rituals and practices throughout my lifetime. I have learned the roots of my family being a mixture of Cherokee/Choctaw, German, Celtic and Nomadic, and have practiced or studied their spiritual principles and ways of life. I also have strong inspirations with Chinese, Eastern Indian, Tibetan and Buddhist cultures and beliefs. I am connected to the ways of nature, the cycles of life, the rhythms of the planets, stars and the Sun and the Moon, and the collective energy of humans, animals and all inhabitants of our planet and Universe overcoming FEAR, embracing change and living with appreciation and gratitude for each breath we take and each moment we are alive!
Interests Poetry, photography, writing, cooking, music, wildlife
Favorite Movies Lord of the Rings, Lady in the Water, The Village, The Happening, 6th Sense, The color of magic
Favorite Music ALL
Favorite Books Mutant Message from down under, The hidden messages in water, Nonviolent Communication