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Gender MALE
Occupation Composer, Pianist, Creative Thinker, Theologian
Location Houston, TX, United States
Introduction After receiving a doctorate degree in music composition and after working for many years as a music minister in various Christian churches, I became more open about my own (atheist) Humanist beliefs. I am passionate about meaningful, authentic community, and I earned a Master of Divinity degree (as an open atheist at an evangelical Christian seminary) with the intention of serving as a minister in the Unitarian Universalist Church. As it happens, I became endorsed as a Humanist Celebrant instead. My goal in writing this exploration is to encourage people to think about what they believe and to live out their beliefs meaningfully. I also want to promote the idea that people matter, because I honestly believe that this one principle could change the world for the better.
Interests Music, Humanism, Community, Role-playing Games, single malt Scotch
Favorite Books The Hero with a Thousand Faces, The Hidden Brain, Flow, The Artist's Way, Originals, Daring Greatly, Where the Wild Things Are

All of the phone numbers have fallen out of your address book. Whose number do you look for first and why?

I think it's cute that you think I still use an address book.