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Industry Arts
Occupation Author/priestess/retired rock critic/Lizard Queen
Location New York, New York, United States
Introduction I was, wait, sorry, that's "David Copperfield". Anyway, I was born in Brooklyn, grew up on Long Island, went to school in upstate NY and came straight back to Manhattan to live. Never lived anywhere else. Never wanted to. Got a job as a rock journalist, in the course of which I met and married a rock star (yeah, yeah, conflict of interest, who cares). Became a priestess in a Celtic Pagan tradition, and (based on sheer longevity) one of the most senior Witches around. Began writing my Keltiad series. Wrote a memoir of my time with my beloved consort (Strange Days: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison). See Favorite Books below for a big announcement...The Rennie Stride Mysteries. "There is no trick or cunning, no art or recipe, by which you can have in your writing that which you do not possess in yourself." ---Walt Whitman (Also @ and
Interests Jewelry, "Lost", "The Amazing Race", Celts, Vikings, 60's music, Paganism, Wicca, New York Mets, Keltiad, Tolkien, T. E. Lawrence, the Marquis of Montrose, plate tectonics, volcanoes, big-wave surfing
Favorite Movies "Lawrence of Arabia", "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl", "The Seventh Seal", "Conan the Barbarian", "El Cid", almost any period costume drama really
Favorite Music Sixties rock music, Renaissance brass, English country dance and morris music, Celtic traditional, classical
Favorite Books ANNOUNCING THE RENNIE STRIDE MYSTERIES: Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead. I have begun publishing through a series of rocknroll murder mysteries--set in the late Sixties and early Seventies: "Ungrateful Dead: Murder at the Fillmore" is the first. The second--"California Screamin': Murder at Monterey Pop" came out in March 2009. The third is "Love Him Madly: Murder at the Whisky"---and the fourth, "A Hard Slay's Night: Murder at the Royal Albert Hall." All are available through or Starting in San Francisco and moving to LA and New York and London--these are the tales of Rennie Stride-- a newspaper rock reporter (NOT me!) whose boyfriend is a Claptonesque English guitar god with a biiiiig secret and whose best friend is a Joplinesque bisexual blonde rock singer. Maybe the rocknroll Angel of Death...maybe the Grim Reaper's groupie...everywhere Rennie goes rockdeath follows. Watch this blog for more information...and spread the word (if you would be so kind) to anyone you think might be interested...'cause I am BACK! (Sorry about the weird punctuation---this location won't allow me to use commas...)

Your people want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?

It will be made of mithril! And it will commemorate my destruction of the serial comma, an invention of the Sith. Hail Conanne the Grammarian!