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Industry Consulting
Location Round Rock, TX, United States
Introduction I am a happily married (to Hubby!) mother of 4. I'm a Freelance Consultant - meaning I do a little bit of everything, but am technically unemployed. I spend (too much) time moderating online parent support groups on FaceBook. I have a Masters degree in Social Work. We finally adopted our special needs teenagers in 2008 - a brother (Bear, age 23) and sister (Kitty, age 22). Both are diagnosed with RAD, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Borderline Personality Disorder, C-PTSD, brain injuries... and many other diagnoses. They have been in our home since November 2006 (an adoptive placement when they were age 11 and 13). We have two younger bio children, a daughter (Bob - see the post "What about Bob" if you're dying to know how she got her nickname -age 20) and a son (Ponito, 18). We use a discipline technique called the FAIR Club. I maintain my Meanest Mom in the World status by sharing it with as many parents as I can!
Interests special needs parenting, adoption, reading (romance, science fiction, parenting books, everything...), interior design, book editing, custom sewing, playing on my computer (addicted to blogs, Facebook and list serves)
Favorite Movies Princess Bride, The Pirate Movie, Undercover Blues.
Favorite Music Contemporary Christian Rock
Favorite Books Funny - fantasy, science fiction, romance, doesn't matter. I just want it to have a happy ending!