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Introduction I like the color yellow. I also like pockets. Most especially yellow pockets. And I like to tuck my shirt in. I prefer shoes that make me look taller than I am. When I'm alone, my feet look pretty big to me, and even my hands, but when I step outside into the real world, apparently that's not true. I love love LOVE post-its. I enjoy cool whip and small amounts of jello, but not usually together unless it's a famous "Yellow Jello" recipe, and I feel strongly about freeing leashed children. I dislike very much squirrels and staplers and I suffer from a disease called tiny-wrist syndrome. There's no cure, but it's something I have to deal with every day. If I could be a crayon I would want to be "Razmatazz"; it's a real color, look it up. I also wish my toe-nails would paint themselves.