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Gender Male
Location Street of Crocodiles
Introduction My mad obsession has always been collecting music. Learning *all* that there is to learn about composers, their lives, the particular environment under which they created their art, and so on. My burning passion is music. Sharing it, discussing it and constantly unearthing aural treasures in the wilderness, especially thanks to the hard work and dedication of a few amazing and like-minded fellow posters/bloggers. They are one of the main reasons why I am finally blogging-my gratitude is endless! Comments are VERY much appreciated!
Interests Music. The beginning of time up to 21st century. Loosely described as "Classical". Jazz, esp. avant-garde, Electronic music (IDM, breakcore, glitch, experimental, classic/kraut/wave, d&b, ambient, etc.) New Wave, Darkwave, Musique concrète, Underground house & techno(1980 to early 2000s, NY/NJ/Detroit/Chicago/Belgium/Italy/ etc.) Punk/Hardcore, Metal (black, dark, death, thrash, ambient, grindcore, speedcore etc.) Old school hip-hop, 1980's to mid 1990's. Much more but this is already too tedious to read
Favorite Movies Anything and everything by Jan Svankmajer and the Brothers Quay, Surrealist animation in general, The Marx Bros, Requiem For A Dream, π, Leolo, Son of the Shark, Harold and Maude, The City of Lost Children, Amadeus, Koyaanisqatsi, Alexander Nevsky, Emma's Shadow, Europa Europa, Monty Python (all), On the Waterfront, BlueBeard, Night On Earth, Meredith Monk's "Book of Days" & "Ellis Island", Antichrist, Pan's Labyrinth, Cria, Afterhours, Mystery Train, The Unloved, Vitus, anything by Ingmar Bergman, Jiri Barta, Woody Allen pre-21st century, Sajiyat Ray, Luis Buñuel, Agnes Varda, Tarkovsky, (most) Fellini, Wim Wenders, Yiddish cinema, silent era, Russian animation too much else, really
Favorite Music Venetian Snares, Arnold Rosner, Squarepusher, Alan Hovhaness, Paul Hindemith, Palestrina, Boards Of Canada, OOO, and 2.2 million others (rough estimate?) :-O
Favorite Books The 13 Clocks, Anything by Kafka