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Industry Human Resources
Occupation I'm a resource for humans. I promise.
Location the land of milk and honey, UT, United States
Introduction Hi. I'm Beckie. The spouse is Travis. The kids are (Biggest to Littlest) Alex, Cassidy, Emie, and Dot. I'm mentally ill in that I thought having four children was a good idea and in the fact that I'm heavily medicated for bipolar ll. (Okay, not *heavily* medicated.) I hang out at home and help the kids make messes and then clean them up. (Sometimes I don't clean them up. Pick your battles.) Sometimes I get to go help ladies have babies as a doula. Mostly, we play and explore the world and learn together. Sometimes we sit around and do nothing. I like to take photographs of our nonsense with my fancy camera that I am ill equipped to use. I keep two blogs: One about my kiddos shenanigans and one about living with mental illness. Read away. Or don't. It's all good.
Interests Unschooling, Homeschooling, Cooking, Mental Health and/or the absence there of, Crafting Poorly, Midwifery, Breastfeeding, Anything Birth, Babies and Kids, Moving My Body In Ways That Bring Me Joy, Good Music, Good Friends, Beauty, Good Food, Hats, Wine, Books, Comfortable Shoes, Poorly Executed Amateur Photography, Things Better Left Unsaid, And So On...