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Gender Female
Location Tucson, AZ, United States
Introduction I have a mundane little life, granted it’s a good one just a bit on the dull side. I do quite a bit of extreme daydreaming. My formative years were spent living vicariously through fiction and fantasy. I still trot on over to la-la land on a semi-regular basis but I can’t help but pout that my real life is so….blah. I’ve decided to declare war on boredom, on triteness, on living for the weekend. I want one of the lives I’ve read about damnit. So hence this blog, which no one will read, but I will fantasize has thousands of followers who will undoubtedly join in the battle cry and fight the norms and find ways to make their lives extraordinary. Unfortunately I don’t really know how to make my life extraordinary. I do however know how to spot the whimsy and glee that hide in everyday life. I vow to seek out those dashes and pinches and rejoice in the little things. So I’m going to embrace my cheesy side and vow to make my own magic.
Interests Reading, Art, Fashion, Writing, Sleeping in, Day Dreaming, Vegan Corndogs, Music, Board Games, M.A.M (Especially M.A.M!)