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Gender Male
Occupation IT Tech
Location Out in da Woods in CVA, Virginia, United States
Introduction Not much is known from whence he came...
His own council does he keep...

Once a fighter for a lost cause,
now all he seeks is a job here and there,
don't much matter what or where,
enough to pay his way,
and keep ship and crew,
whole and hale,

and the peace and freedom...
of the eternal sky.


These are the ramblings, recountings and tales of my exploits, adventures, wins & losses and the friends, and enemies, I have made over 10 years in EVE Online and the next 10 years I hope to spend exploring Star Citizen.

These are the publicly private musings of a man who watched Neil Armstrong walk upon the face of the Moon LIVE as a young boy....

And then watched the politicians take away his future and birthright...

Let us pray, that one day, we will once again reach for the stars and get off this one lone rock...

And the human race will find adventure, again...


"Anoikis is to EVE players as EVE is to WoW players... You either hate it, or it eats your brain."