About me

Industry Communications or Media
Occupation cyber-pundit
Location Yannawa, Bangkok, Thailand
Introduction a solitary pseudo intellectual, cast among sexpats and earnest NGOs, looking for enlightenment. Failing that, for bemusement or truth...
Interests buddhist, hindu, & sufi saints, cryptids, experimental fiction, world music, oriental & islamic rugs, antique chests, textiles, orchids, khlong jars, mandalas, terrible puns
Favorite Movies My Cousin Vinnie, Fight Club, Being John Malkovich, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Wild Strawberries, The Third Man
Favorite Music Shakira, Juanes, The Dead, Traffic/Winwood, Bossa Nova, Salsa, Manu Dibongo, Phoebe Snow, Paul Simon, Scat jazz, Joy of Cooking, Grace Slick
Favorite Books Don Quixote, Moby Dick, Blinding Light by Paul Theroux, Gala: Dali's Wicked Muse

Oscillate my metallic sonatas with your plan for the Panama canal:

wiggle it just a little bit-a man, a plan, a canal Panama...a clever palindrome