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Gender MALE
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Begging for food
Location with The Blonde One, at MY house, United States
Introduction I am a Snowshoe Siamese, who would really like to blog more often. I enjoy long, quiet evenings by the fire, and really good catnip. They call me Toby, but really, my secret cat name is Zorbanorf, slayer of flies.
Interests food, female cats, more food, rays of sunshine, still more food, sleep, wadded up balls of paper, did I mention food?, spider plants, and I occasionally partake of catnip
Favorite Movies The Aristocats, The Lion King, The Pink Panther (the cartoons), The Cat from Outer Space, Cats and Dogs (I only watched it because that Goldblum guy is a hoot! But the movie was obviously written by a cat-hater.)
Favorite Music The Siamese Cat Song, Everybody Wants to be a Cat, Rum Tum Tugger, the musical Cats
Favorite Books The Cat in the Hat, Claude, The Fur Person, Psalm 104:21

Lionesses have no manes. How do they know when they've grown up?

I know, and that's all that matters. (So who makes up these stupid questions, anyway?)