kelvin s.m.

About me

Gender Male
Industry Arts
Location Quezon City, Philippines
Introduction Kelvin is a writer, a poet, a former stage actor, an artist and a chess enthusiast. He writes in various genres and on for more discoveries. When he is not writing he enjoys the company of the forest, chirping of birds, dancing of the clouds, and laughter of a friend.
Interests poetry, literature, singing, acting, sketching, crayons, playing chess, writing, japan, poem, sonnets, haikus, people, tanka, tanaga, idyll, limerick, theatre, prose, reading, exploring, mountains, seas, lakes, dragonflies, robins, pelicans, friends, classics, poets, ode, window, sakura trees, fall, spring, winter, summer, falling leaves, dolphins, nymphs, clouds, and so on and so forth...
Favorite Music country, pop, r&bs, ballad, jazz, soul
Favorite Books Beowulf, Antigone, Thesaurus, Almanacs