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Introduction I am a woman in menopausal transition, sometimes referred to in the literature as a “crone.” Unless you are there yourself, you cannot convey the shock and awe of waking up one morning to find yourself almost a stranger. Of course it doesn’t actually happen all of a sudden, but when the realization hits you that you are trampling down the tall grasses at the edge of the Field of Menopause, it simply feels like a sudden and devastating sea change. Once you cope with the concept of moving into this stage of life (which is much more difficult than puberty), you pick yourself up by your bootstraps and try to figure out a way to incorporate this new set of rules into what you thought was a settled life. In my case that soul searching led to me placing greater emphasis on creativity in my life. Instead of corporate communications I started thinking about poetry. Instead of new draperies I started thinking about creating works of art. I believe that menopause can be a time of tremendous positive change–a time to consolidate all life experience into a laser beam of energy pointing a new direction to your future. I hope you will join me on the pilgrimage.