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Occupation wizard
Location highland park, ca, United States
Introduction i guess if you asked anyone who knows me they'd tell you i'm: "weird, overly excited, funny, bubbly, everyone's best friend, the most random storyteller, a cartoon, super girly, a panda, sentimental..." Excerpt from "About Chloe..." by the late Harold Pinter: "What more can I say about this young lady? She's merely a hint of dust stuck in the eyelash of God, but at only the fragile age of twenty, she has accomplished much grandeur. Despite her father and mother being caught in inner-city gang warfare, ending their lives, she arose like a Phoenix from the ashes of her parents souls. Now she's comfirmed genius, aristocrat, and entrepreneur, and for that, she has my many respects."
Interests most everything and anything. kids, over sized bows, watermelon or grape anything, boots, astrology, fashion, math, make-up, asking you movie trivia or acting out scenes and making you guess 'em, video games, puzzles, hello kitty, fruits, india, lime green, happiness, scary movies, where to find vampire boyfriends, mario kart, singing christmas songs in may, cupcake making, purses, mini munnys, lip gloss, banishment of time, mexican christmas-es, green tea, muppet babies, photobooth pictures, and puppies and their puppy bellies.
Favorite Movies toy story, young frankenstein, mean girls, pee wee's big adventure, coming to america, the royal tennenbaums, home alone, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, anchorman, emperor's new groove, nacho libre, a christmas story and aladdin = )
Favorite Music stevie wonder (or anything motown for that matter), the clash, daft punk, the bird and the bee, amy winehouse, yeah yeah yeahs, tribe called quest, MF DOOM, nelly furtado, the postal service, michael buble, the specials, no doubt, outkast, and of course the jonas brothers. honestly, i love it all...
Favorite Books the twits by roald dahl, the time machine did it by john swartzwelder, the metamorphosis by franz kafka, the grass dancer by susan power... and i have read all the twilight saga books too... and LOVED them, i don't care what you say...

You're wearing a sweater that stretches down to your feet. What color belt do you put on?

depends on the season and what color the sweater is, OBVIOUSLY...