About me

Gender Female
Location Pasadena, California
Introduction I love the color orange, Hillary, crepes, pho, champagne, mangoes, white nectarines, clever bumper stickers, atheists, jews, tulips, Scrabble, trivia, Jeopardy on PS2, tennis lessons, cuisine, Hollywood Video renting, dessert dates, kitchen gadgets, drugstore wandering, being a consumer, artichokes, thai food, psychics, psychologists, and people who aren't easily satisfied. I hate the color green, sci-fi, dirt, organized religion, war, complacency, bugs, birds, lighting matches, avocados and Nicholas Cage.
Interests Hillary, Foodies, Movie Snobs, Cider, Champagne, Pasadena, Hotels, Politics, Consumers, Boys in Glasses, Feminism, Rich Democrats, Children, Seniors, Difficult Women, Entrepreneurs, Tea, French Macaroons, Rollerskating, Tennis, Magazines, Biographies, Grace Adler, Karen Walker, Bridget Jones, Cultural Jews, Larry David, Frozen Grapes, Sangria, Howard Stern, Word Play
Favorite Movies Squid and the Whale, Before Sunset, Before Sunrise, West Side Story, Philadelphia, Reality Bites, American Gigolo, Fatal Attraction, Melvin Goes to Dinner, Never Again, Wirey Spindell, Twist, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, When Harry met Sally, Happiness, Waking Life, Short Cuts, Me You and Everyone We Know, I am Sam, Annie Hall, Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her, and Love, Valor and Compassion!
Favorite Music The Kinks, Fiona Apple, Bob Dylan, Matt Costa, Van Morrison, Oasis, Regina Spektor, Wyclef Jean
Favorite Books No One Belongs Here More Than You, Promiscuities, Sex and the Single Girl, The Dim Sum of all Things, Fear of Flying

Why don't you ever wear a scarf? It doesn't need to be cold outside for your neck to feel naked.

It's too European