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Gender Male
Occupation Mortician
Location Chicken Friend Nation, Texas, United States
Introduction For an age, I've been contemplating a blog. Many people are curious about my day job as a mortician. Some already know the adventures of living with mostly women, but blogging about it may add to the fun, not to mention ease the stress that lifestyle brings. Also, sports is a big part of my being, especially the Undertaker's Football League (UFL), a league I helped organize and serve as current commissioner. And, there's that writing thing I keep tinkering with. I always joke that I am a part-time starving writer, 'cause at the moment, if I dived into writing full time, it wouldn't net any noticeable compensation for my family. We'll see how it goes or where it goes. I do enjoy writing -- very much -- and hope I can entertain, disrupt and/or offer information that may/or may not be useful to you, the reader. All the best.
Interests Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, Dallas Cowboys, a fine Merlot, Single Malt Scotch, reading, writing, and pleasing every need and desire of the women in my life
Favorite Movies The Godfather (except III), Good Will Hunting, anything with Anthony Hopkins, and sports-themed movies, except Any Given Sunday, which should be vanished!
Favorite Books The New Yorker (I know it's not a book), anything written by John Grisham, Dr. Atul Gawande and Malcolm Gladwell.