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Gender MALE
Location Dallas, Texas
Introduction This is the journey of my life...past, present and future. I hope you stick around.
Interests Things I dislike.... Tomatoes. multitasking. right turn only lanes when I am trying to go straight. people going straight in the right lane when I am trying to go right. traffic. overstating the obvious. chinese food. taco bell. mondays. when there is nothing on t.v. painting. keanu reeves. rain. being wet when I am not supposed to be. the lady who talks to loud in my office. cops. cafeteria food. strawberry soda. tobasco sauce. driving. having to wear glasses. cold weather. shopping for furniture. wal-mart. my mensa calendar. etbu bsm. arby's. 635. math. airports. people who run in airports. public bathrooms. locker rooms at the gym. working out. Things I like.... people. clothes. new shoes. e.r., Arrested Development.lost. my dogs. coke. sweet tea. coffee. the color orange.the color brown.my glasses. meg ryan. keven spacey. movies. putt putt golf. running. laughing so hard my stomach hurts. clean sheets. playing outside with a bunch of kids. mowing the grass. summer. swimming. the sun. my house. my magazine subscriptions. reading. theatre. art. acting. independent films. my church. sonic drinks. mexican food. spinbrush. blackberry cobbler. seafood. gumbo. my grandmothers dirty rice. my moms cooking. good will hunting. edward norton. grey t-shirts. caedmons call. bebo norman. shopping. garfield. my college professor. volunteer work. summer. jiffy cornbread. cooking. massages. banana republic. stars. nightlife. sweets.
Favorite Movies Good Will Hunting, Fight Club, The Usual Suspects, That Thing You Do, American History X, Gladiator, LA Confidential, A Few Good Men, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 12 Monkeys, Juno, Moulin Rouge, Back to the Future
Favorite Books A Prayer for Owen Meany, The Thesaurus, Blue Like Jazz, Velvit Elvis, The Adventures of Cavalier and Clay, Mere Christianity