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Introduction I love to write! Unfortunately, many of my ideas come as I am driving or when I am desperately trying to get some sleep. I live on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. People think it is an island since you can only get here by plane or ferry, but it is part of the mainland. I am an elementary school principal and a passionate advocate of children's books. I believe we need to have genuine conversations with kids about their reading interests and listen to their views on novels, blogs, magazines, comics and other materials. The social aspect of reading is vital. Don't we all love to talk about a book or an article that excites, amuses, mystifies or annoys us? Let kids talk! (That means we may have to toss out some of those well crafted teacher questions.) When I am not working, writing or playing with my dogs, I enjoy swimming, tennis, reading--usually kids' books--and surfing the Internet. I would have added jogging, but I don't really enjoy that. I just do it. I thought of gardening, too, but in truth I am a lazy gardener. If a weed flowers, I leave it. I also do not feel the urge to protect my plants from slugs and deer. My hostas hate me for that.
Favorite Books Have you heard of a new book called Fouling Out? (Yes, shameless self promotion.)