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Gender Male
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Student, Journalism
Location Loughborough, United Kingdom
Introduction Well hi!

The thing is with about me sections - you can never work out which way you should take it, put everything about you into it and seem bigheaded or hold back and seem boring. Well I'm not going to do the latter am I?

I am an upcoming journalist specialising in reviews and interviews on the entertainment industry path. I run my own entertainment based website and have a variety of different contacts within the journalism world meaning that I am also kept in the know with whatever is going off!

I am free to emails if you'd like to ask me any questions, speak about some of my work or if you'd just like a chat, I get bored easily and will definately reply! Please use my website's email to contact me :

Tom Price

Interests Listening to music, going to the cinema, going out with friends.
Favorite Movies Anchorman, Elf, <br>School Of Rock, The Exorcist - Varied films but by jove, they are amazing! (Is that the spelling of jove by the way?)
Favorite Music I like to listen to any new music whichever genre they are in, but specific bands I am into at the minute are: Enter Shikari, Hadouken!, 3Oh!3, Paolo Nutini, Kasabian and< Frankmusik amongst many others.
Favorite Books Any comedian's autobiographies, they manage to be very witty...surprisingly! Derren Brown's book also because he is an amazingly knowledgeable person and you can learn a lot about psychology and Derren's techniques in the book.

Sponges and tongues are frequently misspelled. Is it because both are thirsty?

Yes, yes it is! Though, sponges can't have thirst because they are an inanimate object designed to suck up water...not drink it. Am I reading too far into this?