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Occupation Psychologist
Location Newcastle, Australia
Introduction Hi everyone. I’m Dr Stuart Edser and I am the Principal Psychologist of Newcastle Psychology & Health in Australia. Psychology is my second career after a rewarding ten year stint in High School teaching in the English Department. I am also a qualified piano teacher and music retains a central place in my life. I am an out gay man, married to my partner in October 2014 after fourteen years together. I have a long history in the church, but have abandoned most of my former traditional theology and now engage my faith within the Progressive Christianity tradition. I am also the author of Being Gay Being Christian (2012, Exisle) which has been well received and has its own Blogspot. The things of God as they relate to our humanity are now the focus of my theological interest. And Jesus remains for me awesome in every aspect and the great exemplar of what God is like in a human being. My favourite verse in the Bible is Micah 6: 8. If only we would all just do that!! I am pretty down to earth these days, in keeping with my Novocastrian heritage, and decided when establishing my blogs to tell it the way I see it honestly.
Interests Faith, Christianity, Jesus, The Bible, Homosexuality, Sexuality, Sex, Paul, Church Doctrine, Christ, Emerging Church, Psychology, Religion