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Gender MALE
Industry Human Resources
Occupation CEO of Entertainment, Exercise & Security
Location Houston, Texas, United States
Introduction Cool Hand Luke is my real name, but the Mom calls me all sorts of embarassin names like LuLu, Lukey, Sweety Boy and Love Muffin, just to name a few. A bit reserved by necessity in Chapter One, I'm all about the lavished attention, stuffies, fluffed pillows, lullabies, and freedom of expression that define the shear joy of my 'SECOND LIFE'! Troof is... a world that revolves around 'LuLu' takes some gettin used to... but I hope you'll take pleasure in my tails and join me in my ventures!
Interests MOM, LOVE, HOME, Air Conditioning, Sunshine, Clear Days, My New Back Yard, Following Mom, Walking, Running, Chasing Squirrels, Friends, Neighbors, Play Dates, Grooming, Car Trips (as long as I'm with Mom and we end up back HOME), A Variety of Bedding to Suit My Whims, Learning to Trust, Listening to Mom Talk (it's an acquired skill), ... and I'm trying my COOL HAND at this blog thing!
Favorite Movies Cool Hand Luke, what did you expect me to say?, Star Wars, (cause I'm walking the SKY these days!)
Favorite Music Mom's praise, Mom's songs, Treats in the Treat Jar, Berry Treats shaken in the bag, Potato Chip Bags, Celophane, Refrigerator Door Key on Other Side of Door and Jingle of my Leash... are music to MY ears!
Favorite Books Life is Good! by trixie koontz, dog Golden Boy, Cool Hand Luke! written and published by my the Aunt Dav who I love wif all my heart!

You've broken up with your old band and are about to release your first solo album. Please write the liner notes:

"Born Again" is tail of unconditional love. Many fanks to all who believed in the me: to Fuzzy Friends & to GRRH's Tom, Madison, Karen and Melinda for their love, care and promotion. My discovery by 'THE MOM' label cause me to nip myself to make sure I'm not dreamin. Yes, I AM BORN AGAIN! Ton-o-Fanks must also go out to the Aunt Dav, aka the voice of reason, for proclaimin "he's the one"!