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Industry Sports or Recreation
Occupation Ski Bum
Location West Coast, United States
Introduction I started out as a small child. Eventually I grew, all the while experiencing things. Lucky for me I experienced some stuff that led me to seek more experiences, which ultimately resulted in a wider perspective than I had previously attained. The wider my perspective gets, the less I have to worry about falling off the edge of it. So far it's working out pretty well, so I think I'll keep it up for a while.
Interests ecology, consciousness, skiing, exploration, personal growth, conservation, making the art, mythology, synchronicity, mushroom hunting, the diversity of life, meeting open-minded or like-minded people, sharing information, photography, looking at small things, swimming, experiencing new things...
Favorite Books I like science fiction by Robert Heinlein Isaac Asimov Arthur C Clarke and Frank Herbert, Also comparative mythology with Joeseph Campbell, Field guides are books that teach you about what "that" is and I especially like "Mushrooms Demystified" by David Aurora.