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Occupation writer
Location El Dorado Hills, CA
Introduction I am full of curiosity. I take notes and make up stories about people constantly and unrepentantly. I hate zucchini but I love every other vegetable. I am allergic to cats but I don’t judge them for it. I’m obsessed with ninjas. Ninjas are super interesting because they rarely speak but they can seriously kill you with one pinky swipe. I pinch people’s butts in public. It’s hard to stop once you start. I dance in the grocery store and sing along to the Muzak whenever I hear it playing, especially when it’s Mariah Carey or Paula Abdul circa 1993 songs. If you say a word I might sing a song that has that word in it, and it will probably be an obscure song because I grew up listening to my dad’s records and his musical taste is either eclectic or schizophrenic. Pretty sure Wham, Al Jarreau and John Denver should not be in the same collection. I like to make up other acronyms than the real ones, or guess if I don’t know. ASPCA could be Alpacas Specially Programmed to Corner Aardvarks. I have some supernatural abilities and I feel like I am probably too old to get into Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters (XSFGY is a terrible acronym, by the way) but I definitely belong there.