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Occupation stay at home mom, librarian, odd jobs gal
Location Maine, United States
Introduction I used PIE, my nickname. When I was born, my father said "poor little pie face, she is so ugly no one will want to marry her, she will keep us warm in our old age." Yes it is true, and it stuck...so now, I am known as pie. This is how my journey started…NICE. I am a SAHM...which explains my brand of crazy. I live in Maine, just had another kid, and am feeling like I need to relocate to a shoe. My brother in-law and my sister convinced me that somehow, my life may be interesting to the masses…my secret thought is, as I sit at the bar in their house telling them about my life, they are thinking, “she is one crazy MoFo.” So this could just be their way of documenting it before they drop me off at the door of an institution. None the less, I have decided to give blogging a try. I do, however, worry that I will become the target of a seek and destroy mission led by my in-laws if I mention them too much, I am treading on thin ice as it is :-) Ultimately, writing about my screwed up life, I know I am eventually going to insult someone. So consider this a disclaimer and it is just going to have to cover it for the length of time that I decide to torture you all with my blog
Interests Virginia Tech, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable development, writing, books, International Development, motherhood, guilt, sarcasm, family, laughing, politics, Beer, love, gardening, humanitarianism, WINE, culture, Agriculture, traveling, writing, Hiking, simple living, music, singing, Camping, Water, running, working out, reading, Things with my hands like: knitting, sewing, making stuff, etc...trying to escape unscathed by being a parent of 3.
Favorite Movies Kill Bill series, Bad Santa, Elf, Princess Bride, Cinema Paradiso, Second Hand Lions, O brother Where Art Thou, Station Agent, lock stock and two smoking barrels, Freedom Writers
Favorite Music everything and anything..truly.Willie Nelson to the Dead Kennedys. Bob Dylan to Green Day to Ella Fitzgerald and Yanni...ok not Yanni, but everyone else...oh and not Celine Dion..not her either, she makes me want to hurt myself.
Favorite Books Kiki Strike, Last Days of Summer, Prodigal Summer, Poison wood Bible, Every Mother is a Daughter, Secret Life of Bees, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Agatha Raisin series, Hamish McBeth Series, The Year of Secret Assignments, Animal vegetable miracle, and plenty more that i cannot think of at this particular moment...

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

Ok, is there a g?? I am totally moronic and cannot spell my way out of 1st grade, so this is not a helpful question to ask me. Actually I did know that there was a G in Bologna but still, I cannot spell to be sure. And what the hell is up with the A at the end???? shouldn't that be a Y...I mean really how is one supposed to learn how to spell this way???????