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Introduction I am an Irish writer based in West Cork. For many years I had a foot in two camps - I worked as a PR and Marketing consultant in the corporate world, mainly in the UK. And, outside of work I trained in BioEnergy Healing, The Work of Byron Katie and practiced meditation. Because my career was busy and a high stress occupation I spent a long time striving for a work-life balance and trying to find a meeting place between my work and the more 'alternative' interests I followed outside of work. For a long time, work and stress won. Then it hit me that it didn't have to be like that. Life doesn't have to be a constant trade off or a constant battle between head and heart. Any process of change takes courage, determination and trust and is an ever unfolding work in progress! But now I strive to do things I enjoy - mainly writing, healing and facilitating people who want to change their lives. All things I really wanted to do! Is it easy? Not always... Is it fun? Absolutely!!!