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Industry Tourism
Occupation Seller of Excursions to Latin America
Location North Carolina, United States
Introduction 1. I am a maker of lists 2. There is no sound better than my son laughing 3. I love to make music 4. I hate uncomfortable underwear 5. I am a new mom and am slowly getting the hang of compromise 6. I enjoy mind massages and am fascinated by travel 7. I like when songs make use of bangos, organs, or whistling 8. I am the queen of pants 9. I have been nicknamed Booty by a homeless guy named French Fry 10. I believe in moments of randomness. They happen often if you pay attention 11. I once met the original cowboy from the Village People, but I didn't know this until he told me who he was
Interests always being right, beck, being thrilled, bhangra, blue-starred sneeches, bluegrass, bob marley, buddhism, buddy cole, card games, changing the subject, chicken lady, coconut milk, comfortable silences, convertibles, crockpot cooking, dictionaries, djembes, dr funkenstein, ella fitzgerald, employee discounts, explaining things, falling in amsterdam, falling stars, far away, finding blades for quests, front porch swings, giving perfect advice, grace or lack thereof, gravity, hammocks, home improvement, homemade baby food, homer simpson, invisible jets, kids in the hall, kurt vonnegut, lists, making music, mind massages, mississippi gary, mix cds, monkeys, nina simone, orangutan hanging, otis redding, oxymorons, palindromes, parenthood, pb&j sandwiches, picnics, pink bunny pez dispensers, pitching pennies, purple space monkey, pushing up my boobs, questions, quiche lorraine, quiddler, recovering hippies, redirecting, richard simmons, sarcasm, shaking my groove thang, singing instead of speaking, spelling errors, statler & waldorf, swamp witches, swings, the muppet show, tooling around, touching karla lightly, travel, traveling, trivia, u2, wesley willis, what makes people tick, wiggles, wonder woman, xm radio, yoga
Favorite Movies Amelie, The Princess Bride, Bubba Ho Tep, Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters
Favorite Music pop techno flute music from the 80's

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