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Industry Education
Occupation Assistant Weaver/ Chess Teacher
Location Chicago, Illinois, United States
Introduction After God made me, He said Hmm, one is plenty of those for this generation. He had to qualify His statement because my God is autistic like me. He never makes eye contact, He has no peer relationships. As for language- how many times has he spoken in the last millenium? He doesn't fit the diagnostic criterion just because nobody dares to call Him "clinically impaired". He is not diabetic however, because he has no blood sugar.
Interests disability, disability culture, ability norms, my disabilties, differences, gender, autism, Asperger's, neurotypicals, Judaism, gender identity, epilepsy, depression, diabetes, autoimmunity, sensory perception, deafness, ASL, SEE, weaving, chess, education, medical reform
Favorite Movies not much for movies...mary poppins is good
Favorite Music not sure
Favorite Books recent favorites (feb 2011): Mad in America: Bad Science, Bad Medicine, and the Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill by Robert Whitaker, As They See 'Em: A Fan's Travels in the Land of Umpires by Bruce Weber, The Sugerless Plum: A Ballerina's Triumph Over Diabetes by Zippora Karz, Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity by Julia Serano, Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes ph by Kyle Cassidy, Choosing Naia: A Family's Journey by Mitchell Zuckoff

If you drive on a parkway why don't they make the whole plane out of that?

What's a parkway? Assuming it's something like asphalt, the reason is to prevent flooding. You need places where the water can go down and be absorbed instead of building into a large stream of runoff. The more the water runs, the more polluted it will be; it is also more likely that way to build up to flood levels.