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Gender Female
Industry Technology
Occupation Writer/reporter
Location Vermont, United States
Introduction I’ve been writing and editing in games journalism since 2005. I was a contributing editor for Computer Games Magazine and Massive/MMO Games; A copy-editor for Now Playing and PC Gamer; a freelancer for; a Staff writer for; and I’ve worn many other hats as needed. I’ve been to many E3s, a couple of PAXs, and I’ve met and interviewed many people in the games industry. So what does that all mean? To me, it’s just perspective. I can write with that perspective and I think it offers something of value to other gamers who want to get information they don’t see everywhere. I’m also a very fancy lady and I have experimented with my appearance in some drastic and regular ways. It’s important to me to feel free to look any way I want to without apology. As a nerdy youth fear of standing out or upsetting people was a paralyzing effect for me but I have overcome that and I bravely enjoy whatever artistic whim engages me when styling myself. I enjoy Asian beauty products, skincare, nails, and budget beauty.
Interests Health, Hulu, E3, Pen-And-Paper games, Comics, Graphic Novels, Honesty, Magic: the Gathering, Star Trek, Star Wars, Webcomics, Blogs, pc games, beauty, makeup, skincare, asian cosmetics, asian, beauty, asian skincare, bb cream, sheet masks, xbox, pc, wii, steam, 360
Favorite Movies Boondock Saints, Fight Club, True Romance, Lilo and Stitch, Twin Warriors, Mars Attacks, Born Yesterday, The Big Lebowski, Limitless, So Close
Favorite Music You'll only get it if you pry this from my cold dead lips!
Favorite Books Jim Butcher, Laurell K Hamilton, whatever fantasy drivel I can find.