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Gender MALE
Occupation Government Agent
Location Here, There, and Everywhere, A Confused State of Mind, United States
Introduction I'm a SWM, rapidly approaching middle age, also known as "manopause". Born to parents I never knew. I've recently become aware that I am one of six twins, scattered throughout the world. I'm damn good looking for my age, and live like a king! Destined to die alone, unless I'm able to finally find a woman unstable enough to deal with my stuff. Including some issues, back issues, and a somewhat lightweight carry on, that now costs $15.00 if you want to check it!
Interests pop culture, me, film, me, music, me, blogging, me, Entertainment Weekly, me, caller I.D., me, sarcasm, ME, lint rollers, me, Calvin & Hobbes, me, The Far Side, me, Get Fuzzy, me, Non-Sequitur, me, MSNTV, me, the sound of summer crickets & cicadas & me, cats purring, waves crashing, me, design, me, Target, me, candles, me, take out, me, bloody marys, me, sneezing, me, blues, me, greens, me, jazz, me, Ella Fitzgerald, me, black pepper, me, dark chocolate, me, breakfast for lunch & dinner & me, fossil watches, me, Skechers, me, sundown, me, driving really fast, me, singing loudly & badly to a really loud song, me, the smell of wood burning, me, autumn, me, Halloween, me, Christmas, me, people watching, me, book stores, me, edamame, me, peas, me, coffee, me, kissing, me, volleyball, sometimes me, friends, most of the time me, sleeping, occasionally me, Sundays, always me, brunch, sorta me, rain, myself, my apartment, I, zombies, back to me again, tattoos, me, shiney things, me, writing, me, picture books, still me, batman, more of me, full moons, hopefully me, creative people, I am, cool toys, I'm cool too, Smells of newly published books, magic markers, plastic, & gasoline, I'm smelly too, cemeteries, me, cartoons, not you, rankin/bass, OK- enough about me, tv holiday specials, actually probably more of me, The Great Pumpkin, I'm tired of me-for now, A Charlie Brown Christmas, we'll come back to me later-I promise, the nightmare before Christmas, dill, pizza, peanut butter, goat cheese, dark chocolate, potato chips & potato dishes especially red bliss, oj with lot's of pulp, lime, cinnamon, chicken dishes, cashews, sunflower seeds, honey comb shapes, making people laugh, women in uniform, cash cab, the office, x-files, freaks and geeks, how I met your mother, lost, my name is Earl, six feet under, sex and the city, pushing daisies, ghost hunters, it's a wonderful life, netflix, NY Post, drums, girls wearing boots, thumb rings, stuff, God, Wine, Women, & song. Mostly the women part. Not so much the wine. I'm a light weight! None of these things in a particular order of importance!, except for me!
Favorite Movies Appreciate many types of film except "snuff". I believe you must draw the line somewhere!
Favorite Music Music I drum on. Everything except most country, hip hop, electronica, and dance. Hmm...what does that leave?
Favorite Books Books I'm actually able to read. Mostly graphic novels. I believe that sounds so much deeper than comic books or the funny pages, which alas, are not very funny in these dark times we reside in.

If I'm not wearing any underwear am I well dressed?!