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Industry Non-Profit
Location E-arth, CA, United States
Introduction I don't call myself the Wolverina without reason. I am prone to berserker rages and can be harsh and sharp with my replies.
Interests Riding my QUAD!! Comic Books! Scrapbooking! Reading! Movies! Anything that is fun!
Favorite Movies Twilight and Let the Right One In. All time faves: X-Men, Interstate 60; Pride and Prejudice-BBC production. I could seriously list a bunch of movies in no particular order: --X-Men 1 & 2 - with the assumption that X3 DID NOT EXSIST ON THIS EARTH!!!! --Spider-Man 1 to 3 --Someone Like You --Transporter 1 & 2 --The LOTR Trilogy --The Harry Potter Movies, least favorite is the 4th, why? No DURSLEY'S!!!! --French Kiss --Romancing the Stone --Interstate 60 --27 Dresses --Fool's Gold --Ever After --Death Proof --Dances with Wolves --Cellular --Willow --Stardust --Blind Date --Die Hard 1-4 ....I'll add more later.
Favorite Music Anything but Rap (except if you count Ganstagrass...I actually like them.)
Favorite Books Harry Potter, TWILIGHT SAGA! Anything by Gena Showalter!! COMIC BOOKS!!!! Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, Y-The Last Man. Basically anything that Bendis writes. JMS is a god of writing up there with Bendis, and I'll curse the day forever that he left Amazing Spider-Man. I'll read anything Sean Chen illustrates. Brian K. Vaughn is another genious...just dunno about Lost...

How do you like your eggs?