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Introduction Sometimes your motorcycles have to come before career and family.The blog name is bullshit, i luv Old Indians and I research my family tree, so thats what i came up with.i'm interested in old motorcycles,cars, tanks, i also collect militaria, mostly german ww2 , ww1 , , helmets etc, field gear,British RAF Irvins, i've got about 5 panther tank tracks, The Panther was the first Porsche as far as i know.Traveled to 11 countries, lived in 4 countries Finland, Netherlands,Malmo ,Trelleborg,Falsterbo and Ystadt Sweden,went to Bladins Skola in Malmo as a little guy,,i am very interested in researching my family tree , my scandinavian side goes to the beginning of records, my dutch ,german to 1400s many died in the holocaust. i'm pretty proud of those folks in particular. i have a degree in genetics, i daydream of traveling again to europe, my aredale terriers Rienzi ,Flanders are my 4th,5th since childhood. she is named after Wagners opera, i detest religion, hurts people like boose & smoking.treat me good ,i'll treat you better, treat me bad ,i'll treat you worse, life never forgives weakness.
Interests antique motorcycles, Indian, HD, BMW, alfa romeos, porsches 356, german ww2 militaria, genealogy, airedale, Marklin trains, Ballantines History of ww2 book series
Favorite Movies das boot, quick change, flashback, midnight Run, tommyboy, trains, planes & automobiles . blame it on the bellboy.Stalingrad, german documentary, Bruno Ganz-Downfall-Untergang
Favorite Music I'm always buying old motorcycles, Presently slowly looking for a ww2 Zundapp, 1913 HD twin engine or project.101 scouts rigid chiefs my favorites.I collect German ww1 ww2 helmets, militaria, so sell me what you have.I have some Dutch, Finnish, French and British ww2 also.Lived in Malmo, Trelleborg, Ystadt, Falsterbo, Skannor Sweden, Helsinki Finland, The Hague, Netherlands, Anchorage Alaska, Las Vegas, Mercer Island-Seattle, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, SLC Ut, Traveled to London UK, Berlin Germany, Paris France, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, French Caribean;Martinique, Guadelupe, Mexico City, Puerta Vallarta, Caracas Venezuela, Banf, Calgary Canada, NYC-Manhattan, New Jersey, Aspen Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas
Favorite Books If you have antique motorcycles, old porsches, alfa romeos, tanks etc send me fotos to post, If theres a subject you want to cover email me, i'll see if i can research it.