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Introduction In the interests of community and cooking, What's For Tea? is all about sharing - recipes, places to eat, culinary tips and anything else relevant to food and beverage consumption.
How do the recipes work? Well,the name of the recipe is in the title of the post. There is also:
1= the ability to chop and set a timer.
5= you probably own your own mini blow torch for caramelizing Creme Brulee.
The idea is to start where you are comfortable and build your confidence as your cooking improves.
$= less than AUD5.00 per head
$$= AUD6.00-10.00 per head
$$$= AUD11.00 or more per head.
V = safe for vegetarian consumption.
! = need to do some preparation before you get started, for example, soak some pulses overnight or marinate some meat.

Kulinary Karma states that if you use one of our recipes then you email us one of your faves to add to the cooking/sharing chain.
Email: wotsfortea (at) gmail (dot) com