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Gender MALE
Industry Marketing
Occupation Travel writing, editing, video editing, producing, screenwriting, and more, counting odd jobs
Location Asheville, NC, United States
Introduction Mark is living a dream: writing to entertain and inform (luckily, he has a day job). His writing style has evolved from years of jotting down notes in the back of a pickup while hitchhiking. A recovering tech writer, he’s contributed to several published books and edits others for a living. He’s also writing a screenplay.

Jason took a more circuitous path to travel writing. First came the travel, then came the writing. He’s seen his share of places to avoid, up close and way too personal. After completing screenplays and television scripts, he became a filmmaker and video editor. He uses his acute eye to record detail Mark overlooked in his haste to get the hell out of there.

They have teamed up to create the Don’t Even Go There travel series. They hope it will turn conventional travel writing on its ear. They hope it will upset people. They hope it will lead its authors to a book deal, a movie idea, and maybe even a lawsuit.

Meanwhile, you get to experience a new bittersweet comedy vicariously, from the comfort of your computer chair, every week. Keep coming back, and leave a comment so we know you were here!
Interests Traveling, writing, road trips, writing, reading, writing, movies, writing, producing videos, writing, baseball, writing, art, writing, making movies, photography, writing, and editing
Favorite Movies Road movies like American Pop, Army of Darkness, Being There, Brazil, The Darjeeling Limited, Deliverance, Easy Rider, The Emerald Forest, Enchanted April, Fantastic Planet, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Finding Nemo, Galaxy Quest, Brazil, The Gods Must Be Crazy, The Guru, King of Hearts, The Mystery of Kaspar Hauser (and other Werner Herzog road movies), Way Out West (Laurel & Hardy), Little Miss Sunshine, The Matrix, Memento, MirrorMask, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Orgasmo, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Pleasantville, The Princess Bride, Repo Man, Shaun of the Dead, Silver Streak, Sirens, Waking Life, Wizards
Favorite Music Louie Armstrong, The Beatles, The Beautiful South, The Big Lie, bluegrass, blues, CSN&Y, The Kinks, The Flying Neutrinos, Grateful Dead, Billie Holiday, Jethro Tull, The Proclaimers, Pete Townsend, Neil Young, Tom Petty, The Who
Favorite Books Bird by Bird, Blue Highways, The Great Shark Hunt, Lamb, Sometimes a Great Notion, Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Still Life with Woodpecker, The Poisonwood Bible, Stein on Writing, and anything by Bill Bryson, Charles Bukowski, Italo Calvino, Walter Hunt, Jack Kerouac, Ken Kesey, Tom Robbins, David Sedaris, Hunter Thompson, and Kurt Vonnegut