The Vegan Countess

About me

Gender Female
Occupation Vegan Countess
Introduction I am living proof that vegans can live long lives. I am an immortal countess. I will prove to the world, living and un-dead, that a vegan diet is all you need to be healthy and happy. My minion Elgar is a vegan as well, like he had any say in the matter.My hell hound is also a vegan and is happy (as a hell hound can be) and healthy. Many of my un-dead peers are now beginning to consider the option of becoming vegan. Sure there is a lot of pressure on our kind to drink blood and what-not, but I am proving to them that a carrot stick can be just as fulfilling. I am here to let you know that if you notice my lips are stained red, rest assured that it is only pomegranate juice.
Interests Veganism, animal rights, cooking, reading, gardening, entertaining, crafting, etc.