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Introduction Art is a strange thing. Anything can be a subject but only certain things will truly inspire you and draw out real creativity. For me there are several things that make me want to grab my paints: the mysterious prehistory of Britain, the ancient multilayered symbols which seem to occur throughout the world, and the works of JRR Tolkien. To take Tolkien first, I love the fact that he has created a whole world for us to be lost in and one that we all visualise in our own unique way. I've also always been fascinated by the mounds, ramparts, stones left by the peoples who lived in Britain before records began. What did they believe in? What did they find comfort in? What was their art? I love the mystery. Finally I'm fascinated by all the symbols which find their way into cultures all over the world and which seem to have have similar meanings wherever you go. When I paint them and other symbols I am, of course, interpreting what they mean to me. And whatever they mean to me, they may mean something entirely different to you. And this Blog? Well, I guess it's is another journey - and probably not so mystical! A blog about a slog into the world of art.