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Gender Female
Occupation Lettering Artist
Introduction I'm a lettering artist, hence the invented domain "letterist". I love calligraphy, book art and poetry and often combine all of the above...I was first attracted to "art of beautiful lettering" because I was writing and reading poetry (in college) and wanted to spark it life graphically on the page. My influences range from type designers and calligraphers (Hermann Zapf, Milton Glazer) to cartoonists (Saul Steinberg) to chinese calligraphers to abstract expressionists (Motherwell, Kline, Hofmann) and, lately, to paper sculptors and fiber artists. I work with the words of my favorite poets or use my own words, but can find my inspiration from the headlines of the day. I am a "letterist" because I also have a free-lance business in expressive handlettering and illustration; my job there is to make even the words "low fat" or "fresh weave" look personal and appealing. I have incorporated the craft of bookbinding into my life because of the continuous "aha" experience of the reader's discovery of the painted or lettered surface, page by page.