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Introduction If I want the best, I have to give the best. That doesn't mean I have a clue what I am doing, but I can learn. I would be an agents dream in some ways, because I actually love doing rewrites. I never have writers block. I never know what a character will do next. Cutting is harder than filling, because every character is a glimpse of the info I know about them. I can't wait for someone who knows what they are doing to rip my book to shreds. I may not like it, and I may argue if I know I need it there for later, but that is going to be good for me. That stage is an honor. Writing is just breathing, but doing it correctly is smelling the first new mown grass of spring.
Interests Everything, rocks, physics, religion, history, writing....wait shorter list...Dis-interests---cleaning my house, more pets, phone calls, shopping, nascar, CSIanything, taxes.
Favorite Movies The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The Color purple, Second Hand Lions, Lawrence of Arabia, High Plains Drifter, Man of the House, Club Paradise, The English Patient, Quigley Down Under, It's a Wonderful life, The Birds, Pirates of the Caribbean.
Favorite Music Baja Men, Gucci Mane, Johnny Cash, Rolf Harris, Bob Marley, Yellowman, Harry Belefonte, Big and Rich, ...
Favorite Books Please, need entire blog for that subject. Anne Rice, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, I would buy their grocery list.

What's the earliest you've gotten up to watch cartoons and what did you see?

Never get up to watch a cartoon. My dreams are better. Favorite color: white Favorite time of day: Night Favorite scent: burning amber Favorite word: Myth Favorite egyptian God: Thoth...pronounced jDaaa Hoooe taay