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Occupation Sometime writer, frequent editor, and usual snarky bitch
Location Red Berry Joy Town
Introduction I'm the only person I know above the age of 5 who honestly laughs out loud at Tom & Jerry cartoons.

I refuse to buy greeting cards that rhyme.

I hate things that are lemon-flavored but not things that are lemon-scented.

I'm always thirsty.

I'm the most intensely insecure person you will ever meet.

I'm mildly afraid of heights, mostly because of the grisly thoughts I get in my head when I picture falling from them.

I'm obsessed with being on time. Probably because I never am anymore.

I don't like having my feet touched. For any reason.

I dislike eating in front of people who aren't.

I dislike most condiments.

I can't belch.

I am a vast wasteland of useless knowledge. No, really...I go to bars and play trivia. For fun. Well, that and money.

I never kill spiders.

I'm cranky.