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Gender Male
Industry Arts
Location mumbai, maharastra, India
Introduction I am a traveller on a journey. I have an idea of where i want to be, not sure where it is but i know I'm gonna be there. To me life is a journey and has to be lived like it. I hate to stay at one place for a long time, to keep moving is what I believe in. We all have a map of a place where we want to be. I keep changing my maps and destinations when I get there. I like to ponder over the society and the people who make it an amusement. I like to read about the psychology and keep searching deep in my mind that what it is that actually controls the mind and why it happens the way it is. A lot of the views written here are of my own and you have all the reasons to disagree, cuz lets face it if we all agree to on thing it would kill the purpose of life. So let's all agree to disagree. Hope you enjoy my views on various subjects that i am writing about.
Interests art, psychology, philosophy, money, social dynamics, music, marketing
Favorite Movies Cidade de Deus, The Shawshank Redemption, Rivers and Tides, Cashback, Stealing Beauty, The Social Network, Into the Wild, The Cell, A Clockwork Orange, Pulp Fiction, Schindler's List, Modigliani, Children of Men, Inception, The Social Network
Favorite Music rock, jazz, metal, psychedelic, alternative rock
Favorite Books on god, on love and loneliness, on truth and actuality, 48 laws of power, 24 laws of persuasion, Emotional intelligence, The art of War, From sex to super consciousness, the power of subconscious mind, '8 new rules of money, skills with people, who moved my cheese